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In this award-winning film, when an African American teenager gets a seemingly depressed white guy to open up, she discovers he’s on his way to commit a horrible act.

Film completion date: October 2017.

Director's Biography:

As an actor, Walker Hare has appeared on TV in The Blacklist, Billions, and Madam Secretary, and several feature films, including Lawless Frontier, Paradise East and the upcoming, Even After Everything. He wrote and acted in Two Dudes and a Van, an original TV pilot. He adapted his short story, The Crying Man into a short film which was produced. After the success of that film, he adapted it into a feature film that was a Script Pipeline Semifinalist, NY Stage & Film Finalist, Roadmap's Iconic Characters Finalist and BlueCat Screenplay Quarterfinalist. He is currently producing and acting in another feature he wrote, Thorp, which was one of four finalists for the inaugural 7k Film Production Grant. Sun Shine was one of five finalists for BlueCat's Screenplay Competition and a Semifinalist for Screencraft's 20k Production Grant.
Walker Hare
Walker Hare
Stacey Maltin
9 Minutes
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1/26/19 11:30am at Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA)
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