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Marie-Claude sees her mother's funeral take a turn for the worse when her brother David shows up, surprising every one. There's an unexplained guilt weighing on Marie-Claude as she is torne between her brother, the black sheep of the family, and Raymond, their stepfather.

French with English subtitles.

Film completion date: August 2017.

Director's Biography:

Guillaume Comtois, a COTB alum, graduated from the University of Montréal in films studies in 2011 and works as an assistant producer at CBC/Radio-Canada French news channel. He has worked on several short films as a producer, director, financing them by himself: Hibernum (2014), Aestas (2015) and Sisters (2016); all of which played in a few dozen festivals around the world, including COTB. He is also interested in literature, currently writing a stage play and a book of short stories.
Guillaume Comtois
Jocelyn Martel-Thibault
Line Sander Egede
13 Minutes
Québec, Canada
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1/25/19 3:15pm at Vermilionville
premiere v4
contributing 2019 2
international 2019 3