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In this award-winning film, a radio astronomer and his AI colleague seek to reestablish contact with a distant alien civilization from an isolated SETI listening outpost in coastal Florida. When conventional methods fail, they discover the power of Earth's other voices to link our two worlds.

Film completion date: May 2018.

Director's Biography:

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, he studied History and Theater at the College of William & Mary before acquiring a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television Production at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Songs From the Deep is his M.F.A. Thesis film at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Grey is the Founder and Lead Producer of the Lugus Film Collective, a short form film production and distribution company devoted to the promotion of young filmmakers in school and just out of school in their development as storytellers.

Grey believes that our world is full of magic and beauty, and that our history and mythology are ripe with compelling stories waiting to be told. As a writer, director and producer, Grey seeks to create compelling stories about complex characters in hyperreal environments for film, television and digital platforms. Grey brings passion, persistence, and a unique perspective to the collaborative effort of developing, creating, and distributing imaginative content.

Grey Gowder
Grey Gowder
Grey Gowder, Xixi Zhu
9 Minutes
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1/26/19 1:30pm at Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA)
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