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The descendants of the inhabitants of Bonaventure Island, brutally expropriated in 1971, set on a quest to explore their origins. A soul stirring encounter with the last survivor.

This film is part of the Festival Les Percéides Program ACTION LOUISIANE GASPÉSIE! 2019.

Director's Biography:

Alexandra Guité is a filmmaker whose documentary films are innovative and engaging treatments of profoundly moving human stories.  She has completed graduate studies in philosophy, political science and sociology before attending film school. She researches, writes, directs, films and edits provocative political and point-of-view documentaries as well as introspective portraits.  She has explored a broad variety of subjects such as the aftermaths of a famous land expropriation, the innovative politics of Latin-American social movements, the social power of art, noise pollution, organic agriculture, residential schools, gentrification and homelessness.  In 2006, she directed The Art of Resistance, a slice-of-life documentary on Argentine artists and creators who use their art to make a difference. Deeply interested in people’s lives and intimate stories, she has worked on several film projects in her native Gaspé coast. In 2010, she wrote, researched, directed and coproduced the 12 films of the NFB’s award winning Web Documentary Sound Ecology. She then roamed the Arctic and Canada’s West Coast directing short documentaries on Native realities for Canada’s National Broadcaster (CBC/Radio-Canada).  For several years, she worked for CBC/Radio-Canada, creating short riveting documentaries on social and human issues, intimately portraying original and courageous characters.  She also teaches new media, philosophy and film. She is presently working on a feature documentary on alternative schooling, following the astonishing development of several 10 year old children who have been taught philosophical exploration and meditation at a young age.
Alexandra Guité
Alexandra Guité
Ale Films
15 Minutes
Québec, Canada
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1/24/19 5:00pm at Vermilionville
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