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What happens when a blunt talking construction contractor agrees to permanently care for two elderly, sick women in his living room? Just about everything. This film explores the existence of a God, the timing of death, the fragile nature of life, and the struggle to keep it going in one small suburban home near New Orleans. In truth, the film is about the enduring American family. Vicente Paz is a 63-year old Ecuadorian immigrant who has lived in the United States most of his life. In his living room he works overtime to care for his elderly mother with Alzheimer’s and his blind aunt who is mentally troubled. On a daily basis the old women plead with God to let them die. Despite this burden and his responsibilities Vicente is also at the core of a community of downtrodden friends: alcoholics, drug addicts, disabled neighbors and retirees. The film profiles Vicente's humor, his strength, his eccentric worldview, and the daily struggle to keep hope alive.

Don Downey
Don Downey
Don Downey
59 Minutes
U.S.A. (Louisiana)
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1/28/17 1:45pm at Cité des Arts
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