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Conrad can’t commit – and after a four-year engagement, Esther is fed up. In a moment of weakness, she sleeps with his best friend, Eddie. And now her period is late. Conrad’s ex-girlfriend, Charlotte, shows up to “support” Esther with a pregnancy test, while Conrad confronts Eddie about his affair. Eddie deflates Conrad's self-righteousness by threatening to reveal a secret he's been keeping for years to protect him. Meanwhile, Esther fearing she’s pregnant, confronts Charlotte about a business trip she took with Conrad. Dodging the question, Charlotte counters by inquiring who the father is. Their webs of denial and deceits unravel over the course of the night, and as dawn approaches, their clashes intensify revealing secrets, difficult truths – and ultimately a fragile but real connection to each other.
Alan Watt
Alan Watt
Alan Watt and David Streit
93 Minutes
Canada, U.S.A.
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1/29/17 4:00pm at Cité des Arts
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