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The Hangover meets When Harry Met Sally in this hip, fun, romantic comedy. Michael and Ava are two strangers who are unlucky in love and, after meeting at a bar and sharing too many drinks, wake up in the same bed the next morning, neither with any memory of the night before. While trying to put this mistake behind them, they realize Ava’s apartment building is on police lock-down leaving them stuck together for one more day. As they attempt to put together the drunken pieces of last night’s puzzle, they discover that they are two emotional trains about to collide. If they don’t find the attraction in each other sober, that they found when they were drunk, they might kill each other before the cops set them free.
David A. Vargas
Javier Mayol and David A. Vargas
David A. Vargas and Javier Mayol
97 Minutes
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1/30/17 5:45pm at Cité des Arts
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