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This is a short experimental film made around signal transpositions, featuring an original score inspired by scientific data.


As an experimental video artist, I work with video and film as visual and audio matter. I question the way we are constructed as individuals, the way we grasp and perceive the world through the constant narrative we tell inside ourselves. Reality has no narrative to begin with, it is just there - until we, humans, attempt to make sense out of it with language and linearity. I seek to think differently, to express the world through another process. I organize my work in a poetic structure, where I appeal first to the senses, then to the intellectual associations of a non- narrative editing form.

My work is about exploring the mysteries and wonders of the world and questioning the way we perceive and analyze it.

Like a scientist, I begin any project with a hypothesis. I collect data: images and sounds. Then I analyze and organize it through editing. I believe in pure research, in science as well as in the arts. The result might not be commercial or industrial, but it brings light and beauty in the world, and it helps make sense out of it.
Anne-Marie Bouchard
12 Minutes
Québec, Canada
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1/26/17 2:45pm at Cité des Arts
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