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LUCY ANNA is a short film, connecting Indie Pop to the Avante Garde World of Film. The narrative portrays a tantalizing love story that can be viewed by anyone. The story stimulates the imagination to dive deeply into one’s soul to understand how fairytales can coalesce poetically to create new stories, myths and legends. Let go of trying to understand while viewing and then interpret the imagery second time around.

Film Synopsis:

Little Red Riding Hood’s granddaughter, Lucy Anna, lives in a land of constraints. Searching for an escape from her long family hallway.

Director’s Bio:

Dorothy Kristin Hanna is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Painting is her medium.  The canvas is now three dimensional, a type of hollow space that becomes a series of moving pictures.  Colors and shapes create the brushstrokes:  sound and movement create the gestural content.  Story conveyed to the audience through pure embodiment of character.  Category is film.  Art is Ms. Hanna’s passion.

Ms. Hanna has been accepted into International Festivals and also into the AVIFF Cannes Catalogue with her films.

Additional credits:

Editor – Clyde Hargrove
Original Music- Clyde Hargrove
Narration Engineer- Kyle Martin
Story Assistants- Karin Morrow, Bruce Allen, Claire Brabham
Special Effects – Claire Brabham
Art Direction - Bruce Wayne Allen
Director of Photography – Kemerton Hargrove
Camera Assistants – Rod Philips , Greg Williams, Curt Youngblood, Mary Catherine Rollo
Lighting & Costume Designer – Dorothy Kristin Hanna
Set Decorator - Dorothy Kristin Hanna
Production Assistants - Karin Morrow, Mandie Ebarb, Aaron Schinndette, Ashley Hazelton, Salena Davis
French Translations- Andia Augustin-Billy

Lucy Anna- Rebecca Mock
Voice of Lucy Anna- Andia Augustin-Billy
The Man- Clyde Hargrove
Little Lucy Anna- Julia Hazelton
Little Red Riding Hood/ Lucy Anna’s Grandmother- Jodie Glorioso
Lucy Anna’s Grandfather- Rod Philips

Dorothy Kristin Hanna
Dorothy Kristin Hanna
Bruce Allen
12 Minutes
U.S.A. (Louisiana)
Watch the Trailer
1/26/17 2:45pm at Cité des Arts
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