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Women looking for men to sit in her room at night and watch over her sleep. He must wear an owl costume.'

Suzanne Fiset (42), sleepless mother and author of this classified ad, offers the generous sum of $480 if, and only if the contract is respected.

As Luc Bastien (32) currently relies on a free local classifieds ad website, he accepts the deal. He has only a few hours to raise $1,000. This amount would allow him to leave with his new conquest, Gregoire (36), in an all-inclusive to Cuba.

But how far will he go to achieve his ends?

French with English subtitles.
Jacinthe Parenteau
Jacinthe Parenteau
Jacinthe Parenteau
18 Minutes
Québec, Canada
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1/26/17 2:00pm at Vermilionville
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