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After the death of his impulsive girlfriend, a hardened man grapples with memories of their tumultuous relationship in an attempt to come to grips with its end.

Director's Statement:

Flight of the Finch is an independent short film made nearly entirely by a team of students from the University of Virginia. Coming from a school without a strong film program, this film is built upon a collaborative love of filmmaking and true artistic exploration.

With limited resources, countless hours of work and dedication went into this project over the last two years. This film would not have come to fruition without the heart and passion of every member of the cast and crew. It is now our goal to share our product with the filmmaking community. Stylized and quirky, we challenged ourselves to find new ways to experiment and create art through film.

Overall, Flight of the Finch is an exercise in the human condition. it plays with the dichotomies between love and hate, passion and anger, good and evil, and how they’re all intertwined within people. It plays with human nostalgia, regret, and desire to go back to a shinier past, a happier place.
Alex Jones
Alex Jones
Liz McCauley
20 Minutes
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1/26/17 4:15pm at Cité des Arts
1/29/17 11:30am at Cité des Arts
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