TFOCanada BONNE NOUVELLE - La Louisiane est maintenant membre observateur de l'@OIFfrancophonie . Bravo à notre partenaire……

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COTBFilmFest Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival is a proud sponsor of Experience Louisiana Festival. See you in Eunice tomorrow……

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CreateLouisiana Guess what starts tonight? Grab your tickets from @NOFS to catch "Artist in Exile," "Blood Runs Down," and "The Hea……

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We can change the current paradigm of power and control over people, land, water, and religion. We can restore and mend our relationship with one another and all creation.

Ancestors We Hear You is a documentary by spiritual tribal elders. Ancestor Thomas Banyacya(Hopi), Jorge Luis Delgado (Inca), Richard Moves Camp(Lakota), Rosanna Kagenveama(Hopi), and Leon Rattler(Blackfeet), spiritual elders, remind us all that our thoughts, prayers, and behavior affect all creation. If our planet and all living beings are to survive, we must transform our thoughts and behavior, and live in reciprocity with one another, and all creation.

Director's Statement:

It has taken nine years to complete this short, but important documentary. Voices of our spiritual tribal elders have been calling from the depths of my soul. We can, and we must change the current paradigm of power and control over people, land, religion, and water. "We are the keepers of knowledge, " Leon Rattler, Chief of the Crazy Dog Society, Blackfeet.

Patty L. Collins
Patty L. Collins
24 Minutes
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