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Liliana is training for a dancing audition and Antoine is having his first major role in a stage play. Their mutual distaste for each other's work soon becomes apparent and it quickly becomes personal.

French with English subtitles.

Filmmaker Jérémi Roy will attend the film screening.

Director's Statement:

My film Hollywood is about success, be it personal or public, and how it affects our relationships.

At the center of the film is the line that separates earnest assessment from the need to bury your competition when criticizing the work of a contemporary. Whether it is intended or not, Antoine and Liliana sometimes feel the other crosses that line.

I tried to push their dynamic to an extreme by having the two protagonists live under the same roof and inhabit a shared, insular world, cut off from the outside. Space is often non-existent. They share the spotlight until their final confrontation, in which Antoine gets physical and Liliana narrowly escapes. Where she might be going is unclear, but she is protecting her own world and leaving the one she shared with Antoine behind.
Jérémi Roy
Jérémi Roy
Jérémi Roy
7 Minutes
Montreal, Québec, Canada
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