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medana31 @SWEARNET Can't wait to see this movie in 2 weeks at @COTBFilmFest! Congratulations Cory!!!

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MirandaCAWilson 2yrs ago; reconnected with #DaysOfOurLives past & present. @LaVaudreuil interview; vimeo.com/145481143?ref=…twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

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When a woman’s protector becomes her abuser and her perfect life turns into a perfect hell, reality is no longer bearable. Jackie Curtis seeks asylum by retreating so deep inside her mind where nothing can ever hurt her again. Escape proves impossible when she learns that is where her devastating memories also hide. Will Jackie be brave enough to meet them face to face and have the courage to trust someone enough to help her find her way back?
Melinda Raebyne, Tony Doupe
Melinda Raebyne
Melinda Raebyne
19 Minutes
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