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In this multi-award winning film, Daniel longed to touch the moon; with Sandy’s help, he’d reach the stars. It was 1969, and America was embarking on the biggest adventure known to humankind with its voyage to the moon. Daniel too was pursing the unknown, leaving the path of isolation he had known for so long to embrace the love of another. The only question was would he be able to maintain that trajectory or would he veer off course never to be seen again.

Cast: Pennan Brae, Kiran Cash, Yuvia Storm, Brittany Dixon, Sandy Silver, Tim Cash.

Drama, fantasy.

Filmmakers' Statement:

‘The Astronot’ is a space-themed drama which unfolds between 1941-69 in rural Central Oregon. Our aim with 'The Astronot' was to make a whimsical film representative of the space race era while accompanying it with a soundtrack featuring professional musicians such as famed-drummer Steve Ferrone & bassist Garry Gary Beers (INXS).
Tim Cash
Pennan Brae
Tim Cash, Pennan Brae
72 Minutes
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1/24/19 2:45pm at Cité des Arts
1/28/19 6:15pm at Cité des Arts
premiere v4
contributing 2019 2
international 2019 3