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This film tells the story of the Innu Nikamu Native Music Festival through the eyes of its founders and musicians. It is a story of healing and the duty of remembrance. Through the music that has accompanied the Innus throughout their history, Hervieux retraces the wonderful journey of the Festival de musique et des arts autochtones Innu Nikamu in Maliotenam which have ignited hope in a wounded nation that now dares to believe that the re-appropriation of its language and culture may be possible after all.

Director's Biography:

After finishing his junior college in the graphic arts field, Kevin Bacon Hervieux joined the Innu Nikamu Festival team in 2012. Talented in the areas of photography, graphic and web design and social media, he was rapidly brought into the fold and became the Festival Art Director one year later. In 2014 and at 22 years of age, Kevin submitted a documentary film proposal on the origins and history of the Festival to a national competition hosted by APTN and Canal D, which he won. Innu Nikamu – La grande tradition is Kevin Bacon’s first film.
Kevin Bacon Hervieux
Kevin Bacon Hervieux
Kevin Bacon Hervieux
92 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
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1/26/19 12:15pm at Lafayette Public Library South Regional Branch
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