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Is the Book of Exodus based on real events? 3500 years ago, a huge volcanic eruption destroyed half the island of Santorini. That global catastrophe was possibly the cause of the Plagues of Egypt; they are mentioned on a mysterious inscription on a stone stela translated 50 years ago by Egyptologist Claude Vandersleyen. This is the starting point of a fascinating investigation which sheds new light on the history of Egypt in the time of the Pharaohs, as well as upon parts of the Old Testament.

Director's Biography:

Olivier Vandersleyen is a professor in cinema at the National School of Visual Arts 'ENSAV La Cambre' in Brussels and a documentary filmmaker.

He graduated from INSAS, Belgian cinema school, he started his career working in France, first at FR3 Television and Radio network, and also for Sud Radio transmitted from Andorra. Once back in Belgium, he started teaching at La Cambre in 1979 and worked for several film companies.

As a cameraman, he covered, for international TV channels, major events such as: the fall of Berlin's wall, Yugoslav wars, and the conflict in Northern Ireland. In 1996, he created Widescreen Company which produces news reports and documentary films.

Passionate by the industrial heritage and its history, he directs documentaries on this rich past.
Olivier Vandersleyen
Olivier Vandersleyen
65 Minutes
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1/26/19 9:30am at Lafayette Public Library South Regional Branch
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