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The largest black community in Canada started out as a safe haven for escaped slaves, but has more recently been painted as one of the biggest hubs of pimping and human trafficking in the country. The film explores how the town of 4,000 has dealt with generations of pimp culture, economic struggle, violence, and systemic racism through native and R&B artist Just Chase.

Director's Statement:

I was drawn to direct this film because it had two key ingredients to every good doc – a unique story with unprecedented access. I couldn’t believe that there was an all black community like this that has been around for 200+ years and dealt with such intense on-going sociocultural issues. I knew it would be a great story, but the further along we got the more I realized it was more than a unique story . . . it was an incredibly important story. While the community has several deep rooted issues it’s facing, including an accepted pimp culture and high levels of gun violence, the film explores how and why this is now a reality. It also became clear while filming that the racism this community has experienced (and continues to experience) since its inception is not acceptable and a big part of the reason why individuals grow up feeling oppressed. Add in the hot button issue of human trafficking and our dissection from both sides of the coin (trafficker and trafficked) and the importance of our themes are undeniable. Overall, it was important for me to tell all sides of this story. We do not shy away from the dark side and the far reaching consequences that pimping and violence has had on both the community and sex trafficking victims, but we also make sure to paint a picture of the reality growing up in North Preston and the limited opportunities available. This film has the opportunity to spark change and bring hope as we shine a light on an incredible place that has been largely forgotten and cast aside by society.
Jaren Hayman
Jaren Hayman
Jaren Hayman
77 Minutes
Nova Scotia, Canada
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1/26/19 8:00pm at Cité des Arts
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