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Lilly, a giant orange monster, embarks on an adventure at a lakeside fishing camp with her friend Fluffle. Will Lilly discover the mysterious secret that lurks below the surface of the lake?

Director Biography:

The Bum Family, COTB alums and award winners, are a group of 6 cousins from Calgary, Canada, who create short animated movies together. Maezy, Medina and Zaiyah Dennie (ages 15, 14 and 11), and Berlin, Ocean and Sol (ages 15, 12 and 8) write their stories, create the artwork, direct, animate and voice their movies. Their short films have screened at over 100 film festivals, and have won awards for Audience Favourite and Best Animation. They recently made a short film for pre-schoolers for Sesame Street.
The Bum Family
The Bum Family
Xstine Cook
8 Minutes
Calgary, Canada
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1/27/19 11:00am at Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA)
premiere v4
contributing 2019 2
international 2019 3