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Traverse weaves the powerful performances of five women into a tapestry of collective experience, revealing an intersection of dance, movement and voices, a unity of experience in a profound personal yet collective journey. This expedition is set within natural and man-made structures that surround them: an ancient massive wall, stairs etched in stone, a perilous bridge - places they occupy and move through, discovering openings and connection, and encounter strangers sharing a similar trajectory passing into undiscovered terrain.

Director Biography:

An award-winning filmmaker with a background in contemporary dance, Marlene Millar has been creating dance media projects for over 25 years. In the MIgration Dance Film Project, she transposes the choreography to the screen, creating a poignant visual language using the nuanced dynamics, emotion and precision of percussive dance to shape a powerful cinematographic storyline.

Choreographer Sandy Silva is a pioneer and innovator of a very personal and original form of percussive dance. She has spent the last 25 years performing as a solo artist, teaching and touring around the world. Sandy has chosen artists from different disciplines to collaborate and create an artistic practice that moves beyond traditional body percussion.Together with Marlene Millar their collaborations seek to reveal the intricacies of these migratory stories.
Marlene Millar
Sandy Silva and Marlene Millar
13 Minutes
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1/25/19 1:15pm at Cité des Arts
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contributing 2019 2
international 2019 3