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A trained actor, the protagonist is dreaming of playing tragic heroes of the classical repertoire, but his career is going nowhere. In order to earn a living, he becomes “Coquetti the Clown” and gets hired to entertain kids at birthday parties. In the film, we see him on his way to fulfill one of his usual contracts, or so he thinks, not yet knowing that a lifechanging experience awaits him.

French with English subtitles.

Film completion date: March 2017.

Director's Biography:

Immediately after graduating from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal in 2015, Maxime Genois starts his career as a comedian, having the chance to work with such renowned stage directors as Denis Marleau and Catherine Vidal. As actor, director and screenwriter, he directed his first film, "Le Clown," in 2017, featuring Emmanuel Schwartz and Aliocha Schneider.
Maxime Genois
Maxime Genois and Nicolas Dionne-Simard
Maxime Genois
18 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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1/24/19 3:30pm at Vermilionville
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