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Mom breaks up with Dad while on vacation in Florida and flies back to Montreal. The kids, Jonathan and Florie, two immature, immoral and impressionable twentysomethings, only have a few hours to figure out how they’ll welcome her back.

La mère laisse le père en Floride et s’en retourne vers Montréal. Les enfants, Jonathan et Florie, deux adulescents immatures, immoraux et influençables, ont quelques heures pour assurer un accueil chaleureux à leur mère.

French with English subtitles.

Film completion date: July 2017.

Director's Biography:

Raised in Canada and India, Renaud Lessard graduated in 2014 from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal. Between his travels and shootings, Renaud finds the time to fall in love, to write, to laugh and to cry a ton. He persists in telling stories and doing things the only way he knows how, with honesty, obstination and passion.
Renaud Lessard
Renaud Lessard
Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr and Virginie Nolin
16 Minutes
Montréal, Canada
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1/24/19 3:30pm at Vermilionville
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contributing 2019 2
international 2019 3