Unspoken is a short film that brings awareness to father/son relationships. The film addresses the frustrations of broken communication and deception within these relationships as well as the beauty of when they are overcome. The story follows Kyle Parsons (19) as he tries to quietly earn money to pay for his father’s lung treatment by participating in underground fights.

From Producer Cameron Haddad, a native-born Louisianian from Mandeville, LA.: I have lived in California for the past year honing my skills as a film producer. I want to share my most recent work with my home where I learned everything I know.

Director's Bio

ANDREW ASCOUGH grew up in Dublin, Ireland where he started his journey as a filmmaker and entrepreneur. He started his career early when he stole his father’s digital camcorder and made his first film with some neighborhood friends.

Andrew is passionate about stories that direct people’s minds to truth and hearts to goodness. He plans on spending his entire career pursuing this mission.
Andrew Ascough
Andrew Ascough
Andrew Ascough, Cameron Haddad
15 Minutes
Watch the Trailer
1/27/20 12:30pm at Cité des Arts
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