Based on a true story, "Postal" is set in one of the few places where we're all forced to face each other. A film on mental illness, and the madness of those who don't understand.

Director's Statement:

Based on true events, "Postal" was inspired by a a terrible afternoon Naaji Adzimah (writer/director) spent in a New York City post office. After months of the event haunting her, she decided to document the incident via a short film. The hope is that by sharing this moment with others, these types of situations can be altogether avoided. With awareness, compassion, education, and kindness, we can halt our own part in the marginalization of our mentally ill neighbors.
Naaji Adzimah
Naaji Adzimah
Naaji Adzimah
5 Minutes
Watch the Trailer
1/27/20 11:00am at Cité des Arts
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