The obligation to perfom in society take a complete different form for Marie and Gabriel two young adults with Down syndrome. Aware of how people look at them, they try to reach their dreams otherwise. This short movie documentary treat in an intimate way their most personal aspirations. Marie and Gabriel don’t want to live in parallel.

Director's Bio

Isabelle Grignon-Francke's "Small Trophies" is her first short movie, a documentary exhibiting her desire to let everybody talk on their own. It's important for her to capture lives far away from the cinematographic glam.

She is a young 23 year old director. After a flirt with journalism, production and fiction writing, she is now making movies.
Isabelle Grignon-Francke
Fanny Bissonnette
17 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
Watch the Trailer
1/23/20 3:00pm at Vermilionville
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