I always thought that having an Elvis impersonating dad was something normal. As I got older, I quickly realized that it was all but that. It's actually quite special. Especially that at 70 years old, my dad decides to hit the stage one last time, to return as Elvis. “My dad, Elvis” is an intimate and loving portrait by a son whose 70-years-old father is an Elvis impersonator.

Director's Bio

Co-founder of Babel Films, Eric Piccoli is a known director and producer for the digital series "Time out" (2 times International Emmy Awards nominee) , "Project-M" and "Public writer". On the documentary side, he distinguished himself by co-directing (along with Felix Rose) the film "Yes" which takes place during the referendum in Scotland. More recently, he directed "Illegal Cannabis," which covers the evolution of the black market. He is currently working on the adaptation of the novel "I would like to be erased" by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, on the third and final season of Public writer and on a first feature film entitled "Looking for a miracle".
Eric Piccoli
Eric Piccoli
Eric Piccoli
15 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
Watch the Trailer
1/24/20 4:30pm at Vermilionville
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