The Guests takes a look at life in the precarious setting of a refugee camp, where Syrian refugees live in some of the worst conditions imaginable. Leaving their war-torn homes behind, they have settled in the desert not far from the war zone. This film takes us into the refugee camp on a hot summer afternoon to witness the human ability to adapt to harsh conditions.

Les invités racontent le quotidien des Syriens qui vivent dans un camp de réfugiés aux conditions atroces. Ils ont fui leur maison pour s’installer dans le désert adjacent à une zone de guerre. Ce film relate une chaude journée d’été et témoigne de l’incroyable capacité humaine à s'adapter aux pires situations imaginables.

Director's Bio

Arshia Shakiba studied Digital Film Productions and graduated from Toronto Film School in 2003. He began his professional career working on a number of commercials and award-winning short films. Starting in 2008, his jobs mainly editing documentary films have been taking him abroad. Arshia is also known for the music videos he created for underground Iranian rock bands. He recently finished his short documentary The Guests, which takes place in a refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan. He is currently working on his new feature length film project.
Arshia Shakiba
6 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
Watch the Trailer
1/25/20 1:30pm at Lafayette Public Library South Regional Branch
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