Take a look past stereotypical beliefs and dig deep into the roots and mysticism of what breaths life into Voodoo.

Directors' Bio

Sean is a BFA Production student at Florida State's Motion of Picture Arts program. He spends countless hours constructing over the top scenes on paper to one day share with an eager audience. Sean doesn't shy away from the grotesque/weird but rather feeds on it. If he's not making a future nightmare for an audience you can find him collecting some from the past. His room is quite literally a little shop of horrors.

Labeled a satanist by his Christian Bible School pre-school teacher, Zachary Bright has always had a burning passion for the fantasy and horror, a passion which would help fuel his creativity for the years to follow. Using mediums like drawing, painting, sculpting, animation, practical effects, and re-enacting story ideas by himself in his room with his door locked to relieve his imagination, he finally stumbled upon film directing, where the real story begins.
Sean Menendez, Zach Bright
Sean Menendez, Zach Bright
10 Minutes
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1/28/20 1:00pm at Cité des Arts
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