With great anticipation Harald eagerly awaits the wedding of his only daughter. His biggest problem is his belief, that his deceased wife lives on in a store mannequin, which he wants to take along to the wedding celebration.

German with English subtitles.

Director's Bio

André grew up in the beautiful German town of Wiesbaden, as the son of two former opera singers. Although he can’t read any music and only dares to sing in the shower on his own, art has always played a major role in his life. He studied literature, theater, film, media and television journalism at two German public universities and realized that with increasing knowledge his questions became more instead of less. His never-ending curiosity makes him think in endless loops about the world, human nature, death and the meaning of life. So far, he has not been able to find any final answers, at most, a resulting coffee addiction. Nevertheless, he finds his fulfillment in this quest. André is also a graduate of the prestigious „USC School of Cinematic Arts“ in Los Angeles, where he was given the opportunity to combine theory with cinematic practice and thus pursues a life as a writer and director. He believes, he is on a good path.
André Hoven
André Hoven
Sabine Purviance
30 Minutes
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1/25/20 3:15pm at Cité des Arts
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