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In this award-winning film, Leonard, a magician, decides to set up a circus troupe of unusual artists. His intention is not to show their monstrosity but rather to change people’s attitudes through the audience’s acceptance of them. However, not everyone is ready to welcome them and Leonard will stop at nothing when it comes to imposing his convictions.

French with English subtitles.

Key Cast: Joris Adu, Bernard Farcy, Joradn Inconstant, Tristan Tenardier, Kevin Legro, Didier Morvan, Louis Donval, Ophelie Verrett

Director Biography

Passionate about film and video since my young age, it is natural that I entreprised studies in this area. In 2013, I graduated from ESRA (Superior School of Audiovisual Production) in Paris. In parallel I attended coaching courses and actor. I created my association "Tirak Line", in order to supervise my various personal projects. With this, I produced and directed several short films with my team. Finally, these films are shown at various film festivals in France and abroad. Currently I work as a director / Cameraman freelance. With my last 6 movies I total more than 250 selections and more than 80 awards.
Jordan Inconstant
Jordan Inconstant
Jordan Inconstant
30 Minutes
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