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With the Covid crisis we have realized that working in a hospital means to be confronted to life and death in a very direct way.

This film takes us to the heart of the hospital realm following Éric, Frédérique and Giuseppe.

Their fates cross ways when several Swiss regional hospitals shut down and give way to a new and modern, much bigger, rational and functional hospital.

Éric and Frédérique, two emergency nurses, make us see through their eyes their cruel confrontation to their patients' suffering and their encounters with death.

Giuseppe, retired, needs to go to the hospital every 2nd day because of his kidney failure.

French with English subtitles.

Director's Statement:

When the media talks about our public hospitals, they often put the focus on the financial aspects as our health system that get’s more and more expensive.

My aim was to take another perspective. While filming during 9 years the fusion of several hospitals in the Region of Riviera-Chablais, I realized more and more how special this place is. We mostly come to this world in a hospital and we leave this world from a hospital. It is a holy, sacred place where life changes, where life begins and life ends.
Daniel Maurer
Daniel Maurer
Daniel Maurer, Fabrice Aragno
82 Minutes
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