Inaba, a candidate for an entrance examination of the Tokyo Art University, lost his pace during the exam because of another candidate's extraordinary painting skill. Her name is Hatsune. After the exam, Inaba tries to find out the secret of Hatsune's painting skill.

Japanese with English subtitles.

Director's Bio

Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1976. Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University. After graduation, he produced numerous CMs and MVs as CM director. In 2014, he directed a short film "KI · RYU" at the Kiryu Film Festival. It will be screened at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Neuchandel Fantastic Film Festival, NewFilmmakersLA etc. In 2018, his new short film "Canned Peach" was selected by Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and Sapporo International Short Film Festival.
Shinya Kawakami
Banno Tatsuya
29 Minutes
Watch the Trailer
1/29/20 12:00pm at Cité des Arts
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