A Utopian vision takes a woman into a deep hypnotic state; surrounded by a painter, her father, a lover and the witness to the dream. One is immediately taken into her world as she escapes her present reality.

Director's Bio

Dorothy Kristin Hanna, a COTB alum, has directed over 200 Avante Grade, poetic and improvisational dance performances, and Nine Films, ranging in narrative and experimental. The scene, whether dance or film, is always the inside of a painting, to Ms. Hanna, who has over 3,000 oil paintings.

Acceptance into the AVIFF Cannes Catalogue, Louisiana Film Prize Top 20, Cinema on the Bayou, HG Shorts Channel, for film. For art, 4 Multi-Disciplinary Fellowships and 1 Dance Fellowship awarded by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.
Dorothy Kristin Hanna
Dorothy Kristin Hanna
Emily Jones, Gay Lynn Bond, Arodasi
11 Minutes
U.S.A. - Louisiana
Watch the Trailer
1/25/20 1:15pm at Cité des Arts
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