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In the summer of '99, four very close sisters have only one idea in mind: to do it. Their discussions solely revolve around that. From this sexual awakening and as their feminine bodies bloom, they slowly become more and more aware of their seductive power and above all they become painfully aware of their universal solitude. The complexity of the relationship that unites them with their overprotective mother turns the summer of ‘99 into a summer of liberty, passion, secret and forbidden. They find out about what pulls them apart and about the fragility of human relationships as they seek to master their own bodies. These are the voices of these four women.

Because so do girls.

French with English subtitles.

Director's Biography:

A Concordia University graduate, Myriam Guimond is the filmmaker who produced and directed the short film Jade & Matteo – an intimate production about denial in the face of mental illness – that has been featured in several international film festivals, including Regard and that won the FFEQ Jury's Choice Award. Her latest short film Partie de chasse was selected by téléfilm Canada to be featured as part of the Cannes Film Festival. Myriam is mainly interested in round characters, as well as complex human relationships, which give voice to nuanced beings. She is currently committed to her first full-length feature film.
Myriam Guimond
Myriam Guimond
Caroline Galipeau
20 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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