20 years after a traumatic event, two old friends meet in an abandoned detention center in Eastern Europe where one has become involved with a group of radicals occupying the site where the U.S. tortured people.

“Ilyanica”, written and directed by Scott Cobb, is a fictional short film about two American women, now in their late 40s, who have been friends since college. Ilyana and Erica met in Berlin, Germany during their year abroad in college 25 years ago. Instead of returning to the U.S. after their junior year abroad, they remained overseas. Except for a few years back in the U.S., they have both spent most of their adult lives living outside the U.S. as expatriates.

Erica believes Ilyana has gotten herself in a difficult situation as a result of her idealism, impetuous nature and free spirit.

The base has been abandoned, but many years ago the CIA used it as a so-called black site to interrogate people using waterboarding and other torture techniques as part of the Extraordinary Rendition and Detention Program.

Erica worries about Ilyana’s latest actions, so she comes to visit her and, in her mind, to save her.

Scott Cobb is a Cinema on the Bayou filmmaker alum.

Scott Cobb
Scott Cobb
18 Minutes
U.S.A. - Texas
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