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Goujon Caille RLH HoldingPhoto Courtesy of Lee CelanoCinema on the Bayou Film Society announces the feature film official selections for the 11th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, taking place January 20-27, 2016, at venues across the city.  The festival kicks off on Wednesday, January 20th at the Acadiana Center for the Arts with the opening night film and gala party.  The festival has expanded from five to eight-days and will feature nearly 200 official selections from COTB’s open call for submissions from independent filmmakers around the world.

“The word is out among independent filmmakers that we have a top notch film festival that is very competitive and super fun with great food and music,” says Cinema on the Bayou Film Society President and Creative Director Pat Mire, “and that means we bring really good films and the filmmakers who make them here to Acadiana each January for the benefit of the community, the culture and the film industry in Louisiana.”

The 2016 festival lineup was chosen from a total pool of more than 1,000 submissions, a record number for the festival, and includes 27 narrative features and 25 documentary features, the majority of which are World, U.S. or Louisiana Premieres.  The festival lineup will also include 30 documentary short films, 98 narrative short films and 18 animated short films, the majority of which are also World, U.S. or Louisiana Premieres.  Included within the official selections are more than 30 French-language films and 20 films from Japan, as well as films from Nepal, India, Australia, the Dominican Republic, the U.K., Algeria, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Argentina, Canada and France.

 Over 200 directors, producers, distributors, actors and other industry professionals will attend the festival from across the United States and Canada, as well as from Australia, India, the U.K. and France.     

“I am so proud of the quality and breadth of the films we will screen this year,” says festival Director Rebecca Hudsmith.  “From the Canadian Yukon to the mountains of Nepal to the streets of Tokyo to the wetlands of Louisiana, these films present heartfelt stories that will entertain, yes, but will also enrich our lives.”

Cinema on the Bayou Film Society, a non-profit Section 501(c)(3) Louisiana corporation, presents the annual Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, Louisiana’s second oldest film festival, as well as other film events during the year.  Major sponsors for Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival include the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission and IATSE Local 478 – Motion Picture Studio Mechanics of Louisiana & Southern Mississippi.

A complete program, as well as festival passes and tickets, will be available on the festival website in late December. 


Feature Film Official Selections


Narrative Features


Adaline / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere    

Director and Screenwriter:  Bidisha Chowdhury


Alienated / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere

Director:  Brian Ackley


A Remarkable Life / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere

Director:  Vohn Regensburger


Cesium and a Tokyo Girl / Japan / U.S. Premiere   

Director:  Ryo Saitani


Death On A Rock / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere  

Director and Screenwriter:  Scott Ballard


Dirty Beautiful / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere

Director and Screenwriter:  Tim Bartell


DisAssociationVille / U.S.A.-Texas / Louisiana Premiere   

Director and Screenwriter:  James Christopher


Fête National (National Day) / Québec, Canada / World Premiere

Director and Screenwriter:  Victor Paré


Five Grand / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere    

Directors:  Tyler Graham Pavey and Orson Ossman


Ghosting / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere    

Director and Screenwriter:  Kevin Boon


Hier, Aujourd’hui, Hier (Yesterday, Today, Yesterday) / Québec, Canada / Louisiana Premiere 

Director and Screenwriter:  Xavier Beauchesne-Rondeau


Intersection / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere 

Director and Screenwriter:  Tim French


. . . In the Dark / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere

Director and Screenwriter:  David Spaltro


Mandy / U.S.A.-Texas / World Premiere  

Director and Screenwriter:  Adam Vermillion


Max Peril / U.S.A.-Mississippi    

Director and Screenwriter:  Frank Ladner


Owl River Runners / New Brunswick, Canada / U.S. Premiere     

Director:  Danny Thebeau


Par hazard en courant . . . (By chance while running . . .) / Québec, Canada / U.S. Premiere 

Director:  Jacques Loiselle  


Suite Dreams / U.S.A.-Louisiana     

Director:  Emily Perla


Superior / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere  

Director and Screenwriter:  Edd Benda


The Boatman / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere 

Director and Screenwriter:  Greg Morgan


The David Dance / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere  

Director:  Aprill Winney; Screenwriter:  Don Scime


The End of Days, Inc. / Toronto, Canada / Louisiana Premiere   

Director:  Jennifer Liao


The Happiest Place on Earth / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere  

Director and Screenwriter:  John Goshorn


The Incredible Adventures of Jojo (and his annoying little sister Avila) / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere  

Directors:  Ann-Marie Schmidt and Brian Schmidt


The Sand Box / U.S.A. / World Premiere   

Director and Screenwriter:  Jennifer Kramer


The Three Es / U.S.A.     

Director and Screenwriter:  Jason Aaron Goldberg


Writer’s Cramp / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere   

Director and Screenwriter:  Darva Campbell



Documentary Features


Accordions Rising / U.S.A. / World Premiere

Director:  Roberta Cantow


After the Spill / U.S.A.  

Director:  Jon Bowermaster


Bastion of the Giants / India / Louisiana Premiere  

Director:  Sumesh Lekhi


Beyond Glory / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere   

Director:  Larry Brand; Writer:  Stephen Lang


Break the Branch / India/U.S.A. / U.S. Premiere 

Director:  Samantha Cornwell


By and By:  New Orleans Gospel at the Crossroads / U.S.A.-Louisiana     

Directors:  Joe Compton and Matthew T. Bowden


By the River of Babylon:  An Elegy for South Louisiana / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere

Director:  Don Howard  


Chasing Bonnie & Clyde / France / Louisiana Premiere  

Directors:  Olivier Lambert and Thomas Salva


Cimarron Spirit / Dominican Republic/U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere  

Director:  Ruben Duran 


Diva – Enemy of the People / U.K. / U.S. Premiere 

Director:  Tony Oldham


La Belle At The Movies / U.K. / U.S. Premiere

Director:  Cecilia Zoppelletto


Lance / France / Louisiana Premiere

Director:  Laura Taubman


No. 2:  Story of the Pencil / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere

Director:  William Allen


Spoke / Australia / Louisiana Premiere   

Director:  Em Baker


Sunakali / Nepal / Louisiana Premiere 

Director:  Bhojraj Bhat


The Phantasmagorical Clarence John Laughlin / U.S.A.-Louisiana

Director:  Gene Fredericks


Un film de chasse de filles (Girls on the Hunt) / Québec, Canada / U.S. Premiere

Director:  Julie Lambert


Voyagers Without A Trace / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere  

Director:  Ian McCluskey


White Cliffs / Australia / World Premiere 

Director:  Georgina Savage


Yazoo Revisited:  Integration and Segregation in a Deep Southern Town / U.S.A.-Mississippi    

Director:  David Rae Morris


Yukon parle français / British Columbia, Canada / U.S. Premiere 

Director:  Jean Baillargeon


Zydeco Breakfast / U.S.A. / Southern U.S. Premiere

Director:  Tom Uhl


0-41* /  India / World Premiere    

Director:  Senna Hegde


7th Generation / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere   

Director:  John-L Voth


100 Mules Walking The Los Angeles Aqueduct – Artist’s Cut 2015 / U.S.A. / Louisiana Premiere  

Director:  Bruce Dickson



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