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In March 2015, three paintings by top-selling artist Matt Jaeborn were auctioned at Christie's in London. These paintings are surprising: they are painted by numbers made when the artist was a child. The tryptic sells for $14 million -- for three paint by number! Who is behind this crazy purchase? The major collectors? The Russian mafia? The painter himself? A fascinating investigation that uncompromisingly addresses the excesses of contemporary art.

Director's Bio

Born in Montreal in 1959, Roger Gariépy graduated from the Cantonal School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts in Lausanne. In 2015 he decides that he will make a short film every year, until his death. Jaeborn numéro par numéro is his fourth. He intends to achieve another fifty.
Roger Gariepy
Roger Gariepy
Roger Gariepy
22 Minutes
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1/25/20 9:30am at Cité des Arts
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