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A teenager (Alexandra) is reunited with her father (Alex), a merchant who has spent a long time in jail after having been wrongly accused. Since the girl has been suspended from school for being combative with her teacher, she is able to accompany her father on a business trip to India, where he is trying to rebuild his business network of textiles. The first days are difficult for Alexandra, as the poverty surrounding her greatly impacts her emotionally. Father and daughter have a complicated relationship, but after a few strong discussions, they slowly begin getting to know each other and they finally reconnect. During her stay, Alexandra befriends Debli, a local girl, and she overcomes her cultural prejudices. When father and daughter are about to return home, a great working opportunity makes Alex change his plans and extend their stay. Nevertheless, when he is about to make an extraordinary business deal, an deadly explosion threatens to separate father and daughter forever.

Director's Bio

Spanish film director, fiction writer, screenwriter, music composer and producer. Director of the feature film "La cinta de Alex" and the shorts "Uniformadas", "Jaisalmer", "Buen viaje", "Tarde de homenaje", "Migraciones de Gloria Gervitz" and "Reber's Backstage". She has directed all the music videos of Reber and dozens of commercials. Director of the Cervantes Institute and of the Spansk Film festival (Sweden, 2009-2010). She has worked as a professor at University of Bonn (Germany), Columbia University (US), Suffolk University (US), Carlos III (Spain) Trinity University (US) and George Washington University (US).Founder and CEO of Storylines Projects since 2008. She holds a PhD from Columbia and she is the best selling author of five books.
Irene Zoe Alameda
Irene Zoe Alameda
Irene Zoe Alameda, Charly Granados
115 Minutes
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1/26/20 8:00pm at Cité des Arts
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