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On a Sunday morning, as the sun is rising, Peter Poucachiche wakes his grandson up to go moose hunting. A rather silent journey on Kitiganik’s territory.

Directors' Bio

Kobe Wawatie is a teenager from Kitiganik currently attending high school in Maniwaki. Wajak is his first film with Wapikoni and he learned about camera and editing.

Peter Poucachiche is a band councillor and a hunter from Kitiganik. Born in the bush on June 6, 1960, Wajak is his first collaboration with Wapikoni. He saw it as an opportunity to share a moment with his grandson Kobe who’s now living and studying in Maniwaki.
Peter Poucachiche, Kobe Wawatie
Manon Barbeau
4 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
1/23/20 11:00am at Vermilionville
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