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Two sisters, in their early twenties, go through an existential questioning by recalling memories of childhood following the death of their grandfather whom they could not see for a dozen years and to whom they were very attached.

Director's Bio

Stéphanie Chalut, a Québec artist, comes from the world of visual arts and favours a cinematographic approach that is both experimental and fictional. Practising basic drawing, she is interested in the history of her people and questions the loss of collective landmarks in poetic language. A CALQ, CAL and SODEC Fellow, she has exhibited her work in various recognized places. TU ES POUSSIÈRE (You are Dust) is her second short film. Inspired by sacred literature, this work is as much introspective as it is dreamlike.

Stéphanie Chalut
Stéphanie Chalut
Stéphanie Chalut
20 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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1/27/20 2:00pm at Cité des Arts
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