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A young mother gives a gift to a childless couple. The consequences take the couple by surprise.

Director's Bio

roshan, a COTB alum, started a career in the music industry during the eighties with her partner tony hill. As an indie band she was very involved in the production of 3 music videos. with the advent of raising a family she went onto be involved in marketing and communications in the not for profit arena. In the new millenium she found herself having to take on numerous short term contracts which she found unsatisfying. Deciding she needed a career change she enrolled in a 2 year advanced diploma in film making. Specifically scriptwriting, directing and producing. Finishing her course in 2017 she had to update her home studio in order to complete post production on two shorts shot as student exercises. This resulted in her first film THIS IS FOR US being selected as finalist for 3 festivals. Two in the United States and the other in the UK. she works closely with her partner Tony Hill who is both sound editor and music composer I WANT TO DO IT is once again 'outside' the box and original in its concept. PERUSING is a little project she filmed herself for a library project ,while she continues writing her first feature.
roshan hill
roshan hill
roshan hill
11 Minutes
1/25/20 1:15pm at Cité des Arts
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