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My home, is a memory that remains deep in the heart while I’m living elsewhere, and also a small bed where I may get into with the tired body after finishing the day. The place where separated family members get together like a puzzle, the place offering the impression of return, that becomes the home. For the one who has left, the home may be nowhere and also can be anywhere, like those living in the street. And the home always comes along with the life lead inside. The studio in Paris, where I settled in after a certain number of moves, my parents’ house where I can put my baggage for a while to greet several mornings, the house in Geneva, where I can make a point of running times, professor’s houses, friends’ houses, and all the other temporary accommodations… They all mix up in memory and construct my actual home in the present.

Director's Bio

JiSun LEE, multimedia artist. Born in 1989 in Seoul, South Korea. Live and work in Paris, France. Studies of Fine Art in 2008-2013 in National Superior Art School of Dijon (ENSA Dijon) in France. Obtaining the French National Art Diploma (DNAP : equivalent to Bachelor of Arts) in 2011 and the French National Superior Art Diploma (DNSEP : equivalent to Master 2 of Arts) in 2013 with compliments. Master thesis “Tour de mémoire, Retour au mécanisme (Turn in memory, Return to mechanism)” defensed in 2013. In 2013-2014, collaboration with Parisian gallery Martine&Thibault de la Châtre. Member of French artists association (Maison des Artistes) since 2013 and member of Korean young artists association based in France (AJAC) since 2014. Contributor on CultureM Magazine for monthly article since 2014.
JiSun Lee
4 Minutes
1/26/20 10:45am at Cité des Arts
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