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Mia (4 years old) hasn't seen her big sister for a long time. Her mom said she'll be back home when she'll eat again. So between dreams and memories, Mia starts to cook, to bring her back.

Director's Bio

Julie is a screenwriter, director and producer. A former musician, she transposes her music into images. After her theater debut and her diverse tv appearances, she sinks into her cinematographic universes. first with Jean-Claude Lord for the feature film Les Criminelles. Afterwards, she started production and direction of her first short film : Lili en angle mort and Dolls Don’t Die with themes like beauty and apparence. She aspires, with her films, to start a reflection with her public and bring them into a dark and magical universe.
Julie Prieur
Julie Prieur
Vuk Stojanovic
10 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
1/24/20 3:15pm at Cité des Arts
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