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"There is only one moral worth in this story, one essential piece of information: we are only derisive sparks in the eyes of the universe, may we have the wisdom not to forget it."
Hubert Reeves

Director's Bio

Anne-Marie Bouchard lives and works in Quebec City. She has been making videos since 1999 and has been creating installations since 2001. Her achievements are part of an experimental, art and experimental cinema. His cinema is an art of perceptions, impressions, evocation: of poetry.
His videographic works have been presented at festivals such as: Traverse Vidéo de Toulouse, Chicago's Music and Movies Festival, Fantasia (Montreal), International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA, Montreal), Les Instants Vidéo de Marseille (France) , Athens Digital Arts Festival (Greece) and San Diego Underground Film Festival (California). His installations have been presented in situ and in galleries such as: CRANE Lab (France), Studio XX (Montreal), Grave (Victoriaville), Galerie WARC (Toronto).
Anne-Marie Bouchard
Anne-Marie Bouchard
Anne-Marie Bouchard
6 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
1/24/20 1:00pm at Cité des Arts
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