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This is the story of a young couple, Ha-young, who grew up in a devout Christian family with a pastor mother, and Jin-wook, son of the head of a family with a long, deeply rooted lineage. Their religions are different, but they have been dating for two long years, and now they want to marry. In order to do so, they must address the big problem that they have known but pretended not to know. It is the parents of both families: Jin-wook's father, who always says "Haeju Choi is deep-rooted familly" whenever he opens his mouth, and Ha-young's mother, who calls for "Hallelujah" whenever she speaks. Ha-young and Jin-wook each fail to share their religion with the other’s parents, who have strong religious beliefs and personalities. Ha-young, a native believer, bows to Jin-wook's ancestors. Jinwook, the eldest son of a deep-rooted family, will volunteer at a church in Hayoung. Despite their best efforts, neither family is satisfied with their union.

Korean with English subtitles.
Jin Wook, Choi
Jin Wook, Choi
88 Minutes
Republic of Korea
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