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19-year-old Alessandra is a wrestling student. As a newbie, her first goal is to develop a so-called "gimmick" for herself: an artificial character similar to her for fighting in the ring. This film documents this development process, which at the same time represents an inner journey of self-discovery for Alessandra. But on her way to becoming a full-fledged wrestler, her life changes in unexpected ways, forcing her to grow up faster than expected.

Director Biography

Born in 1981 in Arbon, Switzerland. Degree in Communication Design. 2002--04 Various internships in editing, image design, camera and video journalism. 2015-18 studies screenwriting & film directing at F+F School for Art and Design, Zurich.
O'Neil Bürgi
O'Neil Bürgi
O'Neil Bürgi
71 Minutes
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