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By day, Sasha works at her family’s flea market shop. By night, she makes YouTube videos in the hope of becoming the next big thing. During Quebec's National Day, a client films Sasha as she performs a duet with her grandmother, a fallen star in Quebec's music industry. Basking the glow of the former diva's aura, she sees her popularity skyrocket.

To her, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Director Biography

Born and raised in Quebec’s countryside (Québec, Canada), Emmanuelle studied at UQAM (Montreal), where she wrote and directed the short films "French kiss at the sugar shack" and "Gas and Wine taste the same", which gave her a great visibility and festival awards. In 2018, she produced « Compete », her first indepedent short film, in competition at VIFF. "The Golden Age" is her second independent short film.
Emmanuelle Lacombe
Emmanuelle Lacombe
Macha Houssart, Kélyna N. Lauzier, Emmanuelle Lacombe
22 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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