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Jura Department, France. A judge orders the re-enactment of a crime scene in order to shed some light on inconsistencies in a murder case. Under the eye of Lady Justice, the accused, a family of three women from Quebec, have to thoroughly relive the day of the crime.

French with English subtitles.

Directors Biographies

Jean-Marc E.Roy and Philippe David Gagné, award-winning COTB alums, have worked together since 2008. They have received many CALQ and SODEC grants for their productions, which have been shown in several countries and have been awarded around the world. Their « Bleu Tonnerre » (2015) took part of the 47th Director’s fortnight and « Crème de menthe » premiered at the 49th edition in 2017. Their work sways between documentary and fiction. They founded « La Boîte de pickup », a production company that alternates between films and corporative videos.
Jean-Marc E. Roy, Philippe David Gagné
Daisy Sadler, Jean-Marc E. Roy, Philippe David Gagné
La Boite de Pick Up Films
21 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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