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What's really happening at 1805 A Butterfly Drive? A mother and her daughter, a mystery, and wild emotions.

Cast: Marie-France Lambert, Rosalie Bonenfant, Danyka Potvin, Anie Pascale, Jean Jean.

French with English subtitles.

Director Biography

Screenwriter, director, editor, producer and script editor, Renée Beaulieu has a Ph. D in film studies. She teaches screenwriting and film production at University of Montreal, in addition to being director of the Screenwriting program at INIS (Institut national de l'image et du son).

Her last feature film « Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin » (2018) was nominated at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as well as many other festivals. Renée Beaulieu also wrote and directed "Adrien" (2015) and wrote the script of "Le ring" (2008).
Renée Beaulieu
Renée Beaulieu
Renée Beaulieu, Justine Chevarie-Cossette, Aude Renaud-Lorrain
11 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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