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For Ian Golovin, the death of his father is the chance at a new life outside his native country. As he prepares to leave and bid farewell to his sister, he is forced to face his decision — why he is always blindly moving forward and what he is leaving behind.

Cast: Oleksandr Rudinskiy, Dasha Plahtiy, Mariia Stopnyk.

English and Russian and Ukrainian with English subtitles.

Director Biography

Mathieu Grimard is a self-taught writer and director, born in 1988 in Montreal, Canada. His storytelling gets its style from youth culture and the human experience. Math has directed over 40 music videos plus campaigns for Lancôme, Toyota, P&G and more.

His early work was exceptional in its experimental visuals, brought to life in shorts ‘Fleurs: Between Us Two’ and ‘Gomme’.

Set in Eastern Europe, ‘Goodbye Golovin’ is his latest — exploring life, leaving home and the loss of belonging.
Mathieu Grimard
Mathieu Grimard
Mathieu Grimard, Simon Corriveau-Gagné
14 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
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